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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My experience at the Colorado Caucus.

As  you can probably infer from the frequency of my blogging   I write much more than I speak and I don't meet or speak much.  Yesterday I made an exception and participated in the Denver caucuses.  I even spoke a minute or two about why I prefer Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton.

In a previous post I cited many concerns about Hillary Clinton.

The concern list is too large and unfocussed.   It does not lend itself to talking points.

The main speaker supporting Bernie Sanders at the caucus that I attended went really negative on Hillary Clinton's record on civil rights.    I find it ironic and strange that Hillary is getting 90% of the black vote given the past record of the Clintons on race and discrimination the verdict from the black community is in.    Going forward Sanders needs to focus on issues that will resonate with people who will potentially support him.

I am actually a centrist Democrat and should on most issues be supporting Hillary Clinton.   Despite this I support Bernie Sanders   In my minute I gave two reasons.

There really is only one issue that counts in this election money in politics.   this one issue affects everything that Hillary Clinton is trying to do.   Hillary Clinton's proposal to cut student loan interest rates is dead because Wall Street makes far too much money on this profitable product and centrist Democrats and Republicans who take Wall Street money haven't let this proposal move forward.   Hillary wants to lower drug prices, regulate for-profit schools, implement pension reforms, expand Social Security.   Wall Street money that is flowing towards centrist politicians in Washington including to the Clintons and politicians in the Clinton camp blocks all of these endeavors.

Hillary Clinton is probably correct that Sanders' proposals are dead on arrival but so are hers.  Every meaningful reform that she proposes will be blocked by Wall Street money.

At least Bernie Sanders and to a lesser extent Donald Trump understand the existence of this impediment and might do something about it.

My second broad concern is Clinton fatigue.   Hillary Clinton ran in 2008 and lost.   She was somehow able to clear the field and prevent a lot of ambitious politicians, some of whom are female from entering.   As I have previously argued Mark Warner, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren are all more qualified than Ted Cruz and Marco Warner.   All three are more electable than Hillary Clinton.   Hillary Clinton's decision to run in 2016 was not in the best interest of the nation or the party.

In Hillary Clintons stump speech she brags about how after three decades of attacks she is still standing.   this is not a plus.   She has a lot of personal baggage from Whitewater to the email server. Perhaps these attacks were unfair but her baggage is going to result in a November loss an fewer gains in Congress.  How much political capitol will  the Democrats use defending Hillary rather than pushing issues.

There is also baggage associated with her previous position as Secretary of State.  There is a reason why a Secretary of State has not been elected President since James Buchanan.  If Condi Rice were running she would be asked a lot of questions on 9/11 and Iraq.   Questions to Hillary Clinton about the advice she gave on Libya and the rise of ISIS are fair game.   The Republicans could even take her classic ad "Who do you want answering the phone at 3 am" and use it discuss the phone call she got over Benghazi.   This is not fair but Hillary opened the door.

After Super Tuesday it is probably too late to stop Hillary Clinton from getting the nomination.   She may be able to win a tight electoral contest based on the map that led Obama to victory.   She might win bigger if the Republican party implodes and fails to unify.  But Democrats are nominating a weak  status quo candidate in a  year where the electorate wants change.

This is not good.

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  1. Your concern about Hilary Clinton being a "weak status quo candidate in a year where the electorate wants change" is valid. But I don't think is fatigued;she is a hardened warrior; she is ambitious; she is hungry. Don't think she could fall before Bernie Sander. Love reading your blog,though.